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Our History We established since 2015. DeZignHub is an interior design boutique that delivers exquisite design and builds services in interior design. For many years, we listened to our client’s needs, understand their lifestyle and habits to engage them effectively – Giving our best to our clients ranging from HDBs, Commercials, Landed, Condominiums to 3D Illustrations.To those who appreciate a creative, exquisite and unique lifestyle, come to us today!

Our Vision At DezignHub, we combine fresh thinking, new ideas and inspirational approach, tailored to the specific needs of you.

Through discovery and design, we actively explore diverse ideas and cultures. Every client is different and each project expresses unique goals and aspirations. Together, we create places that connect, engage and inspire.

Our Team Our In-House Experienced Interior Designers provides dedicated Project Management, Interior Design, and Space Planning to let you have a full understanding of the whole project. Our experienced and qualified interior designers are well versed in Computer CAD and 3D Software.

With the employment of computer-aided visualization, you can be confident to interpret clearly how our designers interpret the drawings in their mind. We believe that satisfying your requirements is the main focus. We take great pride in fulfilling your satisfaction.


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Contact info:
DeZignHub.Com Pte Ltd
DeZignHub ID Pte Ltd
81 Tagore Lane
#02-06 Tag.A
Singapore 787502
Email: info@dezignhub.com.sg

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